blueberrimary-deactivated201208 said: 6, 16, 18

6. fav rupaul outfit

i’m not gonna go searching for pics but i think my favourite favourite outfits are the purple tule one from season 4 (the one everyone loves) and the pussywillow dress omg i literally died for the pussywillows or whatever the damn hell those flowers were. 

16. post fav dragrace gif

omg there’s way too many but i seriously can’t with this one

omg it’s making me cry just looking at it right now ahahahhaa

18. fav tribute blogs 

can i say all of them like seriously ugh they’re all so good. the first one i followed though was lipsyncforyourlife and they’re always on point. obviously all the regular blogs that i follow that are pretty much 24/7 drag blogs anyway. 
(that thedragopinion blog needs to disappear tho ugh tacky tacky)